Caffeine Loose inch cream

Caffeine Loose inch cream

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…simply the best! This caffeine cream helps achieve a flat belly eliminating stretch marks while reducing the appearance of cellulite. Helps to achieve a perfectIMG_6346.JPG in as little as just 2 weeks. Made with the finest ingredients and extracts.

This caffeine cream is perfect to use with any corset or waist trainer to help achieve that curvy waist. Simply apply a thin layer of Ann Chery cream around your waist after you shower and massage in a circular motion.  Apply a thin layer of Saran clear wrap for maximum absorbtion.

  • Lipolytic Effect
  • Anti Cellulite
  • Improves Micro Circulation
  • Easy Fat Cell Breakage
  • Reduces Fat Reserves
  • Improves  Uneven Skin Tone

120 grams per container

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